Tending All Our Rescued Creatures

We always have practical tasks to carry out at the service centre in Sheerness. All our “residents” need fairly constant care, both medically and also with husbandry (clearing out and replenishing their “nests” in their cages, feeding the young, collecting the injured from areas in Kent etc.)


We need to rely on exposure at certain social and fund raising events, to supplement the donations we receive from our supporters. This requires collecting items for sale, sorting out donations and being present on a charity stand to tell the general public, who visit us, how the money raised will be used.

Animal Releases

We now have a 2 acre established and relatively undisturbed Kentish woodland, which is distant from most human habitation. The woodland will be used as a “soft release” area, where rescued birds and creatures can be released into it, after suitable acclimatization, including a specialized pen for testing bird flight. Various nesting boxes will be erected, plus a hibernaculum for lizards, slow-worms etc.

Also, it is intended to use it as a forest school, where young people can safely observe wildlife. A suitable hide will be erected, in order to watch birds, together with wildlife cameras.

The woodland will be managed by volunteers, who will, if necessary, provide both real and “dead” hedging, as extra habitats and movement corridors for creatures. Volunteers, under instruction, can use their life skills to make this woodland as friendly as is practical.

The woodland will be used to advance the education of young people within rural areas.